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Fundamentos de Growth y Performance Marketing

Aprendé los fundamentos para diseñar estrategias de Growth y Performance Marketing desde la perspectiva de directores comerciales y gerentes de marketing.

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The tech industry moves fast.

As soon as you think you know everything that's hot right now, something new pops right up.

It is becoming harder and harder to know whether you're missing out or falling behind.

It shouldn't be this way. And it doesn't have to be.

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Wake up and straight away get an understanding of what went down this week in tech, what's new, and what has already been forgotten.

What's included?

In the weekly breakdown, we give you information on:

  1. New product releases
  2. What's trending on Twitter right now
  3. New startups to keep your eye on
  4. What's currently dead, and what's likely dead soon
  5. Our predictions on what's going to be hot soon

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